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DJ Pitch Bio

Dj Pitch, a.k.a. Anthony Reyers was born in Belgium on the 29th of April 1992. Since his 8th he was interested in dance music. He listened to many dance radio stations and was fascinated by mixing. In 2001, he started to play on the old mixer of his father. In this time, he got to know trance. After listening to trance radio shows and buying some trance cds he decided to specialise itself to the music stile. In 2003 he began to play on a professional dj boot. Shortly after, the first booking on a little party in Brussels follows. It became a large success. At the end of 2004, Dj Pitch made his first mix for a radio station. Since then, it was his dream to have his own radio show. This dream came thru at the end of 2005. In February 2006, Dj Pitch plays at a school party in Zaventem, where 500 people went crazy trough his uplifting and energetic sound. In September 2006 and April 2007 he organised 2 little, intimate but amazing parties in the local youth club of Kortenberg, 't Excuus. Nowadays, Dj Pitch has got his weekly radio show, into trance that can be heard on several radio stations. The show contains 1 hour of the most beautiful trance melodies combined whit de biggest floor fillers of the moment, beat mixed in Dj Pitch's own enthusiastic way.

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